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Unshakable Confidence Blueprint

What would it be like to have unshakable confidence?  What would you do that you don’t do now? How would things change?  You can build confidence to do the things you don’t even dream about doing now.  Life can be more expansive and exciting.  The Unshakable Confidence Blueprint is a 6-week program to help you do just that.

This program will empower people who feel like imposters, or not enough, to invoke their innate strengths for greater confidence and clarity.

I’m not enough

Ever since I can remember, I was shy, was afraid to ask questions, and was terrified to speak in public.  Even in a meeting with a small group of people where we had to go around the room and introduce ourselves what we did would send me into near panic.  I could feel my face flush and my heart start to pound like it would leap right out of my chest and onto the table. I was sure that whatever I had to say would come out as stupid, incoherent, or somehow flawed (like me).  On a scale of 1 – 10, my confidence level was 0.

Feeling inadequate was normal.  Feeling stuck happened with regularity. Unworthy? Absolutely.  Fulfilled? Nope. What does that even mean anyway?

I guess I just have to figure out how to get through life this way.  That’s just the way it is. 

Until it isn’t.  Now, I teach.

The Shift

I’m a voracious reader and I read everything I could about personal development and growth, self-esteem building and how to find my purpose.  I stayed adrift in the sea of uncertainty and doubt unable to reach the port of confidence and certainty as if all the docks had burned to the ground.

What finally got me there was the journey inward.  I started an exploration of what was going on in my mind. What kept me at arm’s length from the assurance that I was enough? The discovery and practice of mindfulness were what healed the disconnect between what I thought I was and the truth of who I really am. And things started to change.

When you are able to ‘peel the onion,’ so to speak, to get below the outer layers of outdated beliefs and destructive ideas of who you are and what you have to offer, the core of who you really are is finally exposed. And that core is magnificent!

The Unshakable Confidence Blueprint

This program will help you cultivate present moment awareness that will start you on the path of inquiry that will lead you to clarity, improved decision making and self-trust.  You will learn how to question thoughts and change behaviors that aren’t helpful.  You will learn to be mindful of emotions and body sensations that give you valuable information and tune in to and trust your intuition.

  • The course will run for six weeks, one hour per week.
  • This is a small group learning environment that will foster safety and support with others who are experiencing many of the same feelings you are. You are not alone.
  • Weekly experiential meetings will cover the main topics while homework will continue to deepen the learning until the next meeting.
  • Each participant will receive a bonus one-on-one coaching session at the completion of the course to help support ongoing learning.

As long as you participate in the weekly meetings and are committed to practice, by the end of the six weeks you will have increased awareness of how you get in your own way and what you can do about it. You will have the tools to recognize and peacefully challenge doubt to find certainty and tune in to your own resources for improved confidence and strength.


The cost of this pilot program is $197. The estimated full course price would be $497.

A one-on-one coaching session with me is $100.  Another individual coaching can run upwards of $500 per session.

What is the pain of doubt and uncertainty costing you in the long run?  Uncertainty about a job, a relationship, parenting decisions, or ?

I’ve been teaching a variety of mindfulness programs for the past six years and this is what some of my students have had to say:

“It worked for me.  I’m glad it was the type of course that reminded me to take this time for myself for my betterment.  The instructor is excellent and genuine.” ~A.F.

“Cheryl is AMAZING! Whatever your fears might be to try this course, Cheryl will make you feel extremely comfortable and welcome.  I learned to stay in the present, RIGHT NOW, learned different coping mechanisms for stress and learned to take time for self.  Extremely worthwhile.” ~M.F.

“The course materials are backed up with Cheryl’s ability to hold space for each person to explore their relationship to food and guide a new path. Cheryl is an extremely skilled mindfulness guide.  She provided the tools, compassion and support that allowed me to courageously face outdated beliefs I had about myself.  My life is forever changed for the better because of this course and Cheryl’s guidance.  I am grateful for every moment!” ~C.C.

“This course has given me applicable tools that increase my mental and physical wellbeing.  I’ve learned more fully who I can be and how I can show up for others in this world.  This course has helped me get present and aware of my mind, how it connects to my body and the world around me, and because of that, I’ve felt more empowered in my everyday life and able to understand, control and ease my stress. This course has helped me quiet the outside chatter and get me more present and aware of what’s important to me, making me feel happier and more fully in the driver’s seat of my life’s journey.” ~C.G.


100% Guarantee: If you don’t believe you’ve experienced increased confidence by the end of the course, let me know and you will receive a full refund.




Reasons Why You Might Not Want to do this.

I don’t have enough time. 

No one has enough time.  You need to prioritize your own needs and make the time for yourself.

I don’t have enough money.

We can work out a payment plan if that helps you.  If not, this may not be the right time for you to take the class.

It won’t work for me.

How do you know?

Space is Limited

For this pilot program there is only room for a very limited number of students.  The maximum I can take is 12.  When registration opens it will close on the given date, or when it fills, whichever comes first.

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