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Cheryl Mills Coaching offers individual and group mindfulness training, and other tools and services that help you increase your level of mindful awareness. 

Group Mindfulness Classes

Mindfully Eating

One-on-One Mindfulness Coaching and Treatments

Mindfulness Coaching

If groups aren’t your thing, one on one mindfulness coaching might just be the thing to help you reduce stress or anxiety, control pain, or change unhealthy behaviors.


The benefits of meditation are many.  You don’t have to have prior experience to meditate.


One of the formal mindfulness practices that we practice at Haelan House is gentle Hatha yoga. There is no striving, straining, or stressing involved and you are encouraged to pay attention to your own body and ability to do any of the poses presented. It may just be some of the best yoga you’ve ever experienced.


Reiki is the practice of energy healing through the movement of energy in your body.  Reiki means, “spirit life force.” A Reiki treatment can be done “hands-on” or “hands-off”, depending on your level of comfort.  You may or may not feel the energy during a treatment. It is a very gentle form of alternative healing.

Emotional Freedom Technique – EFT

You may be familiar with this as simply “tapping.”  EFT is a practice of tapping acupressure points on the body for relief of emotional tension.  Simple and effective.

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