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All classes this session will be held online for the convenience and safety of all of the students

Mindfully Eating


This 8-week Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction program is an evidence-based program for helping you learn to reduce stress and anxiety, increase coping skills, manage pain and symptoms for improved health and well-being.

Eat Right Now

ERN was developed by addiction psychiatrist and Director of Research at Brown University, Dr. Judson Brewer. Eat Right Now will help you recognize the ways that you sabotage your health through eating patterns that don't serve you so you can start changing those behaviors for better health.

Unwinding Anxiety

Unwind your anxiety with this 6-week program. UA is a mindful approach to reducing anxiety. Learn what habits keep the anxiety loop turning and find out how to break the cycle for greater ease and sense of peace and well-being.

How does mindfulness heal? two women meditating

Mindfulness Meditation

Create your own mindfulness practice. Mindfulness Meditation is a practice for cultivating focused attention in the present moment. A skill that can be applied to various parts of your life for increased enjoyment, peace, and enhanced awareness.  

Mindful Living 101

Mindful Living 101 is about learning the the basics of living a life on purpose.  On purpose, as in, with intention, and focus.  Learning how to skillfully navigate the ups and downs of life without being overwhelmed, and with a renewed sense of confidence about your ability to manage whatever life springs on you. 

Unshakable Confidence Blueprint

Do you ever feel less-than, not enough, or like an imposter? Like if people knew who you really were they would bail on you? You'd lose everything you have, or someone would turn you in to the human fraud police? You can learn to quiet those fears. Get the tools you need for unshakable confidence.

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