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Mindfulness Meditation

Perfect for beginners and for anyone wanting a short daily guided practice. Easy to follow, guided mindfulness meditation that will help you build awareness.  

This guided mindfulness meditation helps you focus your attention on your breath.  Why would you focus on your breath? Because when you focus on your breath you are in the present moment.  You are paying attention to and feeling the breath coming in and going out of your body.  The breath is always with you.  You don’t have to remember to breathe – it just happens, so paying attention to it brings you into the present moment. 

By paying attention to the breath, and returning to the breath, whenever your attention wanders away, you train yourself to be more present, more of the time. 

Increasing your ability to be aware more of the time magnifies your ability to make skillful choices. It helps you learn to respond instead of reacting. With practice, you can recognize when you’re caught in destructive or unhelpful patterns of behavior so that you can step out of it.

Mindfulness meditation is a centuries-old practice.  It has been a self-development tool for ages.

Meditate consistently for best results.  Use this short meditation daily. Set aside time to practice every day.

Mindfulness is the quality of fulness of attention, immediacy, non-distraction. In that sense, it is the key to life.


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