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Eat Right Now -Mindful Eating Program

Eat Right Now -Mindful Eating Program


Eat Right Now – Mindful Eating Program

Change your eating habits for good

In this scientifically based program, you will learn how to change your eating habits for good.

Emotional Eating is based on patterns you created and reinforced throughout your life to eat when you weren’t necessarily hungry – or at least not hungry for food.  You may have been a victim of the marketing of foods that really aren’t good for you although they claim to be. You may not be aware of the effects of how you eat, what you eat, and why you eat.  You may not even notice how the food you are eating is negatively affecting the way you feel physically and emotionally.

In this class, we will explore these and many more ways to change your eating habits for a healthier and happier you – without dieting.  Once you get in touch with the “Why”, the “What” and the “How” of your own eating patterns, you are equipped with the knowledge that will help you change those patterns for improved health and well-being.

“This program opened doors to changing negative patterns.  I’m no longer afraid of food.  I am learning to trust myself that I have a way to deal with cravings in a healthy way.  And, hey, I’ve lost five pounds!”  ~J.K.

“This was VERY helpful for me. I lost 6.8 pounds over the last six weeks. I feel that being mindful will serve me well in all aspects of my life, and especially in regards to eating. I am still using the app and I LOVE it.  The instructor knows the subject matter quite well; she explained all aspects of the class in a way that I understood them; she answered all questions thoughtfully; the atmosphere was welcoming and supportive; the class was truly helpful; I would absolutely recommend both Cheryl and the class to anyone.”  ~ A.W.

Studies show that with mindful awareness you can learn to change unhealthy reactions to stress which, in turn, changes your brain.  Instead of unconsciously reacting (and eating a bag of chips or cookies on “autopilot”) you can learn to respond consciously and with more control over what goes into your mouth. These new responses become new neural pathways in the brain and new healthier habits.  And you won’t need to try to depend on willpower to get you through the cravings (in the class we will explain why willpower doesn’t work).

In this mindful eating class you will also learn:

  • About mindfulness and why and how it is effective in helping you change unhealthy habits around food.
  • How stress can negatively affect your health.
  • How to recognize your reactions to stress to help change behavior and improve health.
  • How to bring mindful awareness to your patterns of eating.
  • How to tune in to your body and how to listen to the information it gives you.
  • How to identify your own habit loops.  Yours will not be the same as someone else’s because of your own beliefs, experiences, or conditioning. 
  • How to explore thoughts, beliefs, and patterns of behavior that might be holding you back.
  • How to make choices that are better for your health and well-being.
  • Tools that will help you skillfully manage the most trying cravings.
  • How to move forward when you get stuck.
  • How to bring kindness and compassion to this process for better results and improved well-being.
  • How to read food labels so that you can make educated decisions about which foods to choose.
  • That you are not alone in this journey.

Studies show that group-based learning environments and support help change habits.

Where and How

Classes will be held online using Zoom.


Registration is now open.  The class size is limited.  Book Now!

Fees, and Refunds

The Eat Right Now mindful eating course is $197 for the 6-weeks and includes live online group instruction a workbook.

Payments will be refunded less a $25 service fee, if, before the first class, you decide that the class is not for you.  If you start the program and drop out within the first three weeks, you will be entitled to a 50% refund, minus a $25 service fee.  Dropouts after the second week of class will not be refunded.  However, you may choose to re-enroll in another session and apply those funds to another class within the year.


If you are part of a group or organization that is covering the cost of participation in this class for you, please just fill out the registration form below and include the group (coupon) code where indicated, select “Pay Offline” and hit Submit.


You can pay via credit card or PayPal using the secure payment system below.


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