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Creating powerful change since 2004 “In ten sessions you start to feel the difference,

in twenty you start to see the difference and in thirty sessions you have a whole new body.”

- Joseph Pilates

We couldn't have said it better ourselves. Why Pilates? Because it works. Studio 1002 Pilates in Chicago gives members and non-members the opportunity to take advantage of this life-changing workout. 







Private Pilates 


Private Pilates is the premier way to reap all the benefits of this program. One-on-one Pilates sessions let our Chicago instructions support you in your own way. For beginners, this means showing you the ropes, helping you build your strength, and giving you judgment-free guidance to help you feel comfortable in Pilates. More advanced Pilates members can enjoy the individual support they need to harness their strength, deepen their practice, and grow their skills to new heights. Our industry-leading Pilates instructors will lead you through individualized workouts on specialty equipment tailored to your needs and goals.  

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STUDIO 1002 Small Group Pilates Classes


Small-Group classes have the strength and health advantages of Private Pilates training with the added benefit of an amazing price advantage. Small-group classes allow us to provide these low prices without sacrificing our attentive and innovative Pilates instruction. You can experience Pilates excellence at Studio 1002. So grab a couple of friends, or make some new ones when you sign up for a Pilates class in Chicago today!

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Studio 1002 has partnered with The Center for Women’s Fitness and Polestar Pilates to bring you the latest in certification courses, continuing education and pop up classes!


Chicago Pilates Class Descriptions and Schedule

You can view our Chicago Pilates class descriptions and schedule here to get started today! Please email your instructor before class if you have any medical conditions or injuries that require special consideration. 



10:00 am Small Group Class ~ Megan Dillow
5:30 pm Small Group Class ~ Nicole Ensing
6:30 pm Small Group Class ~ Nicole Ensing


10:00am Small Group Class ~ Nicole Ensing


10:00am Small Group Class ~ Nicole Ensing

6:00pm Small Group Class ~ Kurt Mulderink



6:00am Small Group Class ~ Therese Clementi

6:00pm Small Group Class ~ Nicole Ensing



10:00am Small Group Class ~ Susan Knight



9:00am Virtual Class Small Group Class ~ Therese Clementi
9:00am Small Group Class ~ Nicole Ensing
10:00am Small Group Class ~ Nicole Ensing



10:00am Small Group Class ~ Kurt Mulderink

Studio 1002 Pricing

Private Pilates Pricing

- 25 Minutes 50 Minutes

1 Session



8 Session Package

$384 ($48/session)

$744 ($93/session)

16 Session Package


($46/ session)

$1456 ($91/session)

32 Session Package


($44/ session)




Semi-Private Pilates Pricing


- 50 Minutes

1 Session


8 Session Package

$944 ($123/session)

16 Session Package

$1856 ($121/session)

32 Session Package

$3648 ($119/session)


Small Group Pilates Class Pricing


Single Session


Package of 10 

$330 ($33/class)

4 classes / month contract

$132 ($33/class)

8 classes / month contract

$248 ($31/class)


Looking for Pilates in Chicago

Look no further than Studio 1002. Our pilates studio in Chicago offers the very best of pilates training in Chicago. No matter what you are looking for in your new gym we have it at Studio 1002! 


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